Online Payment

Google Online Credit Card Payment

Google Checkout is a fast, secure way to buy from stores across the web. When it's time to buy, look for the button. Use it once and stop creating new accounts every time you buy. To learn more about Google Checkout,Click Here.

Information and Instructions
This option is available if you purchased a photography service or package and wish to pay with your credit card using Google Checkout.

Payment for Individual Online Photo/Product Orders must be done through the online shopping cart system in each individual album through SmugMug!

If you would like to use this secure service, please note there will be a 3% Convenience/Service Fee Added.

Please select the correct monetary amount(s), then click on the "Add to cart" Button. Repeat this step until you have reached the total amount you wish to pay with your credit card online.

Your Payment/Item(s) will now appear in the Google Checkout Cart On the Bottom Left Hand Corner. Please verify that your payment amounts/item(s) are correct. Once complete, please click on the "Google Checkout" Button in the Cart for Final Checkout.