dMedina Photography by Damian Medina

Welcome to dMedina Photography. I am originally from Texas in the USA, but currently located internationally in Lugano, Switzerland. Photography is not my main profession, it is a hobby which became a passion I wanted to share with everyone.

I love to travel the world and capture what it has to offer. Hopefully along the way I meet individuals who want to do the same and I can help by being their photographer. I enjoy learning about life and all it has to offer and what a better way than to learn and gain experience than through photography. Not only can photography capture the world, but also people and their important memories.

I truly believe that an individual’s personal once-in-a-lifetime experiences and those treasured life-changing memories are so important that not only should they be remembered thorough the artistry of photography, but at the same time not cost an arm and a leg. I do this in a 3-fold way:

1. Develop more than a photographer-customer based relationship, but actually the beginning of a friendship to truly understand the needs of you as the customer.
2. Combining the art of photography with digital imaging and processing to provide an even more incredible feel and look to your already treasured experienced.
3. Provide an incredible valued service for at an incredible price.

Thanks again for taking a look and finding out a little more about myself. I am very excited to be able to share what started off as a hobby about a year ago and has now grown into such a huge passion of mine … My Love for Photography!!!

I encourage you to look at samples of my work and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail and ask!!! I am looking forward to the privilege of allowing dMedina Photography to capture your memories as I believe it is here Where Time Stands Still!!!